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Who we are?

Microsoft certified IT professionals with a passion to design robast and scallable application solutions.

What we do?

Architect, design and develop all kinds of software applications: from one page web sites to enterprise solutions.

What is our goal?

To build better software to constantly transform business problems to IT solutions


We already have a solution for you


MedOfficeAdmin - cloud web application to manage customers, invoices, practitioners, schedules. Easy to setup, easy to use.

Publication Solutions

Publication Solutions - a block of web services and applications to manage customers, orders invoices, payments for publication companies.


ECommerce solution provides customers an ability to build ECommerce web sites and manage products, orders, sales.

Content Management Systems

Admin Panel to manage all aspects of web sites content: add / edit / delete web pages, manage contact, manage web site images, search engine optimization meta tags, all other aspects of web sites content and design.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design - web sites framework to setup web sites for all kinds of end user devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile.

Mobile Applications

Mobile application development - develop web services and mobile applications.

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Software Architecture

Tirex Consulting Inc.

Katerina Kostrioukova

Tirex Consulting Inc. Owner and Software Architect
MCP, MCSD, MCDBA, PMP kkostrioukova@rogers.com

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Tirex Consulting Inc.

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